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GNO - Girls Night Out

Unleash your inner model

Ever wanted to be a super model for the night? We’ll here’s your chance to have an evening of fun with your friends. Crazy hair, outrageous makeup, awesome clothes and cool poses. Let yourself go and be a diva for the evening.

Great self esteem builder. Fantastic for online profile pictures.

Have a fabulous evening of fun you'll remember forever!

Girls Night Out photography parties - Morris County

Private GNO parties start after our regular studio hours and last 2 hours. You’ll have time to change outfits, try different makeup styles, and use any of our backgrounds and sets to create a memorable night. All captured by photographer, Mat Robinson.

$200 - for the evening

*Round out the evening with dinner at the “Rattlesnake Ranch Cafe” for a complete Girls Night Out. Dinner not included in the price.


Modelign portfolio photographer provides Girls Night Out informal and fun sessions

Unleash Your Inner Model

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How does it work?
In a nutshell. You and your friends enjoy and evening of fun, games and creative photography in a safe and positive environment.  Enjoy two hours of photography followed by an hour to view the images while sipping wine with friends. You decide on the styles. You decide your comfort level. You leave with some amazing lifelong memories and even more amazing pictures.

Is that $200 each?
No. $200 for the whole party. So if you have a group of 10 people, that’s only $20 each.

What do I get for my money?
Each person that attends the party will receive one fully retouched digital image of their choosing.  Not to mention a fabulous night to remember with their friends in a comfortable and fun setting.

When are parties offered?
Parties can be scheduled at any time. We only offer a single party each day. Fridays and Saturdays tend to book up quickly so try to schedule your weekend party early to avoid disappointment.

How long does the fun last?
When your party starts, you’ll have two hours in the studio to play exclusive “fashion” themed games and create stunning personal portraits on several of our unique sets.

Where do the parties take place?
Our 1500 square foot studio in Denville, NJ, offers the ideal location for you to relax and explore your inner model. The size of our studio allows us to have several sets and backdrops available all the time so there’s no break in the action or down time for your party. We don’t currently offer GNO parties outside the studio.

How do we view the pictures?
Immediately after the photography part of the evening, you’ll have a short break while we review the images and select the absolute best of the best to show you.  Many parties take this opportunity to go for dinner at one of the nearby restaurants. When we resume, we view the images with you in the comfort of our plushly appointed viewing room on our large projector screen.

Can I view the pictures online?
Yes. After you narrow down your selection of images and get rid of the ones you don’t like, we make those images available to you online for an extended period. The gallery is password protected and only accessible to people you choose to share the images with.

Can I buy other pictures?
Out studio offers a wide range of high quality products from stunning wall portraits, gift prints, books, albums, image cubes, boutique frames and many more gifts that let you capture the evening for a lifetime. We also sell digital images, so you’ll be able to share the experience with friends who don’t live nearby.

Who is the party aimed at?
GNO parties are aimed at women who like to have fun. Like to have a positive experience while enjoying and exploring their own beauty.  Parties are great for creating stunning profile pictures and dating pictures for your favorite social networking sites. People who are interested in modeling can also use the party as a test shoot and gain valuable insight into the modeling industry.

Can men attend?
Right now, we don’t offer co-ed parties. In our experience, it makes it difficult to truly relax and be yourself. If you’d be interested in a “Guys Night Out”, let us know.

How many people?
Parties are offered for groups of between 4 and 10 people. This is a good size as it gives time for people to change outfits and try different hair styles while other members of the party are being photographed. Each person has enough time in front of the camera on several different sets and backgrounds.

How old do I have to be?
GNO parties are ideal for girls 12 and up. All party games and photography themes are age appropriate. Parties with children under 18 do require an adult to attend.  

What kinds of things can we do?
We work with your group to develop a program of photography that is both age appropriate and is also within your groups comfort level. We offer themes ranging from teen fashion, catalog fashion, catwalk, beauty, glamour, 50’s pinup, high-fashion, and what we like to call pseudo boudoir. Boudoir is such an intimate experience that it’s not possible to do proper boudoir as a large group but we can do boudoir style poses that keep everyone feeling comfortable without revealing too much.

What if I’m camera shy?
Don’t worry. We know that being in front of the camera can be intimidating. That’s why we developed some fun games that help to break the ice and awaken everyone’s inner model. You’re in a relaxed environment with the encouragement of your friends. What better place could there be. If you need help with posing, we have very simple and easy to follow poses that look amazing but don’t require a decade of modeling experience.

Hair & Makeup?
Immediately next door to the studio is “Hair Artistry” hair and nail salon. Many of our party goers take advantage of their excellent service and convenience. www.hairartistryco.com  Many parties also enjoy doing each others hair and makeup and make it part of the experience.

If you’re doing your own makeup, a really good foundation is the key. Don’t go overboard. We retouch all the images, so any pimples, pores or blemishes all get removed. Bags under the eyes are a thing of the past. It’s easier for us to add makeup during the retouching process than it is to try to remove makeup that wasn’t done well. False lashes and eyeliner do wonders and really make eyes pop.

Do you supply outfits?
We do have some wraps and material that we can make into elegant dresses for head and shoulder shots, but due to size range, storage space and hygiene, we don’t provide any other clothes.

What to wear?
We’ll work with you and suggest clothing choices depending what style of photography experience your group wants to have. Most people already have clothes that are suitable without the need to go and purchase something new. Of course, any clothes that make you feel good about yourself really show in the finished pictures.
Apart from the obvious clothing choices, think about bringing hats, scarves, jewelry and other props that we can use to spice up the images and make them personal.

Can we bring food?
You’ll be at the studio for a few hours, so it’s definitely good to bring some snacks. We are a small family run boutique studio, so please try to avoid snacks or food that will be difficult to clean up or may risk staining our furniture or your clothing. Remember, you want to look your best for your pictures. Salsa stains or crumbs don’t really cut it. You’ll be on the go quite a bit during the evening, so cheese and crackers and vegetable platters are good choices that let you graze between your modeling moments.

We do like people to have a good time, so yes, you are allowed to bring wine and other alcohol into the studio. But for your own safety, we ask that you drink “very” responsibly. We have a lot of expensive camera gear in the studio and the lights are subdued. So we want people to have a really great time but don’t want people to get to the point where they become a danger to themselves or other people.

Who are Mat and Christine?
Mat and Christine are the husband and wife team who run Enduring Images Photography studio. Mat is the creative force behind the photography and the one who’ll capture your true beauty by making you feel comfortable and relaxed. Christine is the driving force of the business, making sure that your experience is smooth from beginning to end. She’ll help you with tricky poses and make clothing adjustments for you. With this duo, you’ll arrive at the studio as strangers and leave as friends.

I’m ready. Where do I sign up?
So you’ve talked to your friends and have an idea what your group might like to do during the party. What styles they’d enjoy and be comfortable doing. The next step is to give us a call to reserve your evening and start planning the party.  A deposit is required to hold the session date and time.

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